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Algol 68


The Making of Algol 68 by C. H. A. Koster. Personal memories of Kees Koster, one of the authors of the Algol 68 Reports, about the events surrounding the birth of Algol 68.

The MC Revised ALGOL 68 Test Set. The definitive torture test for Algol 68 compilers. Many thanks to Dick Grune for this.

A68ToC port to EMX. A port of the ELLA A68ToC compiler (CTrans) for EMX. This means that it should work for DOS, Windows and OS/2 (but not tested on OS/2 yet). The source code for CTrans can be found in ELLA (site now dead) - you will need these files. You can also get pre-compiled executables. You will need these files for running EMX.

"Programming Algol 68 Made Easy" is a very good introduction to the language by Dr. Sian Mountbatten.

A68ToC port to Debian Linux. Version 1.15 of Dr. Sian Mountbatten's port of the ELLA A68ToC compiler (CTrans) for Debian Linux. The source is also available here and the source control here. This port also includes an HTML version of Sian's book "Programming Algol 68 Made Easy".

Informal Introduction to ALGOL 68 Revised Edition is a scan of the final 1980 version of the classic introduction to the language by C. H. Lindsey and S. G. van der Meulen.

MK 2 Algol 68 compiler from Algol Applications Ltd / Orthogonal Software. Please note the licence conditions.

Algol 68 books

I am interested in buying a range of Algol 68 books, proceedings, articles, journals etc. I also have a few Algol 68 books for sale. Please contact me at if you have anything that you wish to buy or sell.

Related sites

History of ALGOL - Software Preservation Group is Paul McJones' comprehensive list of historical Algol resources and references.

Academician A. Ershov's archive includes documents concerning Algol 68. - Execute ALGOL-68 Script Online using Algol 68 Genie.

Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Algol 68 has links to all known Algol 68 resources on the web.

Home Page of W. B. Kloke has lots of goodies including a machine readable version of the Revised Report (now seems dead).

The Algol Bulletins and Supplements full of a wealth of historical and technical information on the Algol family of languages.

Algol68G - Algol 68 Genie is a recent well-featured Algol 68 interpreter/compiler.

Oxford and Cambridge Compilers Ltd who sold a commercial Algol 68 compiler for various platforms (now dead).

A restoration of the RSRE Algol 68R compiler together with George 3 and an ICL 1900 emulator. Some documentation is also available for both the compiler and George 3.

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